Social Program

Dinner & Lunch

Dinner Tuesday, October 31st

Banquet Hall Sakura, Kyoto ICC

Dinner Wednesday, November 1st

HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall
HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall


Lunch boxes will be served every day during the workshop.

Exploration time

Free time on Nov. 1st, after the Poster Session 2 (4pm) and before the Dinner (7pm)

- Time after the Poster Session 2 on Nov. 1st is taken for exploring Kyoto until the Dinner. As the dinner place is near the most historical area in Kyoto with a lot of tourist attractions (see the following map and also, it is a good opportunity for sightseeing before the dinner.

- Places to go:

1. Kiyomizu-dera Temple

2. Ninenzaka Street

3. Yasaka-jinja Shrine

4. Hanamikoji Street

HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall

Two optional plans are arranged by the workshop.

- Option 1: Welcome drink at Heian Jingu Event Hall
Welcome drink will be served to attendees of the dinner at the Heian Jingu Event Hall from 6pm on Nov. 1st just before the dinner on Nov. 1st. Enjoy drinks while watching the Japanese garden of Heian Jingu shrine.

- Option 2: A short tour from Kodai-ji temple to the Heian Jingu shrine Attendees to this short walk will be taken to the Kodai-ji temple ( by bus leaving the conference venue at 5pm. After looking around the temple grounds where fall colors are lit up, walk through a historic area toward the dinner place and will arrive at the dinner place just before 7pm.

HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall

Random Walk and Refocusing

Need a break from structured plans? How about a free stroll in Sakyo area, spending (surely more than) 2 hours wandering from the venue southwards, through potential landscapes with different scenery and road shapes.

- Section #1: Shirakawa-d­õri street (1 hr 50 min (8.0 km))
Intersects with several tourist attraction roads.
(site in Japanese)

- Section #2: Short-cut Path? (1 hr 45 min (7.7 km))
Including the area of Kyoto University.

- Section #3: Along Kamo-gawa River (1 hr 50 min ~ 2h 10 min (8~9 km))
Popular river in Kyoto, in proximity to the world-class Shimogamo-jinja Shrine.

HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall